Short Tour

There are several reasons for you to choose our short tour:

- You’d love to explore the beautiful trails of Porto’s Mountains but you need someone to guide you;

- You’re simply looking for a different experience with your friends on a regular weekend;

- You've always wanted to try out a tour, but you don't have much riding experience;

- You haven't ridden in a long time and you’d like to come back softly.

Whatever the reason, this short tour, 4 hours long, is the best answer. You'll be able to explore the best trails in the North of Portugal with people that know them like the palm of their hands, our guides. The tour's difficulty is adapted to you and your buddies’ experience!

This tour takes place only on Saturday or Sunday morning and should be booked in advance.

What's included:

- Bike

- Riding Gear

- Liability Insurance

If you'd like to use your own bike, a different price applies (50 euros/person).

If you'd like to use rental bikes, it's mandatory to choose between a security deposit or insurance. 

Please check our FAQs or get in touch for more information.

Book your dates right away!

Tour Details


4 hours


150 €


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